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About Me

I'm Leah and I'm an Adelaide-based Declutterer and Home Organiser.


I am a staunch advocate for living with less and enjoying more of life.

I love lists, spreadsheets and for as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved organising my stuff.  

After many moves overseas, interstate and back again, it became apparent that I didn’t actually need as much stuff, and as organised and neat as it was, it was taking up room, and costing me time and money. Thus became a slow, gradual decluttering of my possessions.​  Of the thousands of items I have decluttered, I don’t regret relinquishing one single item. Not one.

Hotel room simplicity really floats my boat.  I love the feeling of simple, yet cosy and inviting spaces.  


I follow the different philosophies shared by the likes of:

- Joshua Becker (Becoming Minimalist)

- Peter Walsh (Space Invaders)

- Brooke McAlary (Slow, Destination Simple)

- Marie Kondo

- Zoe Kim (Raising Simple)

- Matt Paxton 

- Rebecca Mezzino (Clearspace & Be Uncluttered)

- Ryan Nicodemus & Joshua Fields-Milburn (The Minimalists)

- Amy Revell & Kirsty Farrugia (The Art of Decluttering)

- Rachel Jones (Nourishing Minimalism)


I’m not about to tell you to piff everything in a skip.  I encourage you to get your sentimental items out of their hidey holes and enjoy them every single day. Use that 50 year old dinner set from Nana - and if one piece breaks, don’t sweat it - it was being loved and serving its purpose

Rehoming & Recycling

I endeavour to recycle as sustainably and responsibly as possible, with the absolute bare minimum going from my hands to landfill.


I am a huge fan of Melbourne based company Upparel for recycling old clothing. 


I have been regularly donating items to charities such as:

- The Lyell McEwin Regional Volunteer Service

- Northern Domestic Violence Service

- Save The Children

- Australian Red Cross

- St Vincent de Paul

- The Salvation Army

- Hutt Street Centre

- Koala Rescue


- Diabetes Victoria

- Bras for Bali

- various Aged Care Facilities, Veterinarians, Kindergartens and Childcare Centres in the local area. 


If you wish, you can choose your own charity to donate to.


Less is more. Go on - try it!

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