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As a dedicated Home Organiser, I’m committed to providing my clients with exceptional work and services.


Explore some of the testimonials and reviews I’ve received from past and returning customers below.  If you have already enjoyed my services please feel free to leave your own feedback by sending me a message.

"I've actually just walked into my wardrobe quite a few times just to admire it!!!!  Thank you so much lovely Leah!!!"

Sue - Athelstone

" ... wow it’s worked ... 3 mornings in a row I’ve got out of bed to find all 4 kids dressed, their bags packed and them waiting for breakfast  ... Omg ... and this system has saved us so much time !!!

I am so glad you have motivated and helped me."

Fiona - Lockleys

"I keep going into the room and thinking "wow"!  ... a huge thankyou."

Rachel - Greenwith

"Leah is so kind, and doesn’t pass judgment on your home. She simply joins you and guides you to a life less cluttered. Less mess and clutter taking up my home means less stress and clutter in my mind. Couldn’t praise her enough. She’s one of a kind! Thank you Leah for your assistance in making my home a calm and inviting space ... can't recommend Leah enough, well worth every penny."

Koreena - Greenwith

"This week Leah from Less Is More - Decluttering and Home Organising helped us to declutter and organise our home office space. Change is as good as a holiday! - especially during a pandemic and lockdowns. Treat yourself to a chat with Leah, we can't recommend her enough."

Tiger Rose Intuitive

"Leah is amazing! She was like my own little cheerleader.  No further words needed." 😀

Rachel - Brompton

"... thank you for your help. I definitely wouldn't have done such a thorough clean up and organising if I didn't have your help to keep me on track!

And your great ideas of re-purpose, re-use, recycle are fantastic."

Bea - Andrews Farm

"... Thanks for all your help Leah, I couldn't have done it without you!!  S has loved having her own little space near her bed and has kept the toys off her bed. The kids were soo excited with their wardrobes. It was very sweet!! "

Chelsea - Taperoo

"... M was thrilled with her room!! She actually clapped and said, 'good work, Mum! It looks amazing!"

Colleen - Magill

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