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  • Leah Cee

Decluttering Worn Out Clothes

So you've worn a few holes in your socks and can't be bothered darning them up like Nana used to? Or those fabulously comfy jeans have finally rubbed through the inner thigh and created a lovely gaping hole which is totally inappropriate attire for picking up the kids from school?

Well, rather than toss them in the bin, give them a whole new life and turn them into something hip, new and help our long suffering environment at the same time.

I could bang on for hours about the pitfalls of fast fashion and the amount of clothing that ends up in landfill. The true reality is that our inherent clothing wastage is astonishingly tragic for our beautiful Planet Earth.

So, let's turn this around.

Firstly, stop buying clothing you don't need! If we don't allow it into our homes, we don't have to deal with it later. Simple.

Obviously we do have to wear clothes or we'd all be arrested for indecent exposure, and with winter coming up, probably freeze ourselves to the driveway.

Secondly, head into your wardrobe and go shopping in there. If you find a bunch of stuff that you're not going to wear, pass it on. There are some pretty stringent rules with this though. If it's not good enough for your friends or family to wear, then do not, under any circumstances donate it to charity. Charity stores do not have the time, the resources, or the money to deal with your rubbish - clothing or otherwise.

So, what do we do? We feel so guilty throwing those tops out that have bobbly little dangly bits hanging off them and little moth bites under the armpits, because, well, maybe someone could wear them. The thought of them ending up covered in rotting watermelons in a hole in the ground just doesn't feel right. The reality is, yes, someone could wear them - but chances are they're not going to make it past quality control at Vinnies.

Instead, give those old clothes a final wash, box them up and click on the link to the fabulous folk at Upparel.

Upparel will come and collect a box full of your textiles, clothing and shoes and take them away, mush them up and be turned into stuff like this cool kids sofa.

Actually I'm not entirely sure that's the process, but go to the website and check it out yourself. It costs a minimum of $25 and you can pack up to 10kg of clothing into a box of your choice, print off a label, leave it on your porch and off it will travel to a better life, staying right out of landfill.

You then get to put $25 towards some groovy new socks sans holes.

It gets better though. Target have teamed up with Upparel to launch their Hand Me Rounds Collection service. For $20 you can fill a box with 10kg of your old, holey, threadbare clothing or fabric, send it off to Upparel and score yourself a $20 Target online shopping credit to spend on a sustainable clothing item to replace the 35 items you just got rid of.

Head over to this link to purchase your label and to find out more.

And yes, it does work. I just spent my $20 on a new organic top for the silverfish to get stuck into.

It does not get much easier than that to help save Mother Earth.

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