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  • Leah Cee

Organising - Snacks in the Car

I am undoubtedly very late to the party here, but this little decluttering / organising hack just saved me from near starvation at school pickup.

When decluttering my pantry recently I realised I had an abundance of lunch bags. Instead of piffing this one out I came up with the bright idea of filling it with snacks, napkins, wipes and an empty plastic bag for rubbish, and leaving it in the car.

Vóila! An instant snack bag to stave off the hangries between school and swimming lessons, or a post-gym top up, or as a quick bribe to get the seatbelt-wearers in the back buckled in while you’re standing in the rain getting soaking wet.

And this gives you leverage when the kids pester you to buy a snack.*

With a simple, “no I’m not buying anything - I’ve got secret snacks in the car”, it might save you money too!

Not just for parents with kids - everyone gets the nibbles at some time or other while driving.

So if you do have a few too many lunch bags, pop in some non-meltable snacks, shove the bag in the back seat, and fend off that grumbly tummy in a hunger pang emergency.

*This may only work once before your child knows what’s in the bag and decides they don’t like the choices, in which case I have no solution.

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